Why 70 - 110?

Once diagnosed with diabetes, our lives revolve around numbers.  We need to check our blood glucose when we wake up, before eating, before going to bed etc. How wonderful it is when those numbers hit our targets! My son’s blood glucose target before eating is between 70 – 110, the magic numbers! That’s why I called this website 70-110.


These numbers may be unknown to those that have not been in contact with diabetes. But how familiar they are to those of us that are somehow related to it.


“Control” is the key for managing your diabetes. We say we are in control once we hit these numbers on a regular basis, and we achieve our goal for the haemoglobin A1C.  This will be essential to avoid any short or long term complications.


With this page I would like to help you achieve your 70-110. I will publish articles and share news and releases. I also offer diabetes education sessions via Skype or in person.