About me

Medicine has always been in my family. My dad was a heart surgeon, and my mom a nurse. I started a Medicine degree in Venezuela, but a family relocation prevented me from completing it. That did not stop me from completing various medicine courses in the USA, such as Heart Perfusion Technology at the Texas Heart Institute.


On the other hand, teaching has always been one of my passions. I concluded a teaching degree in Venezuela, at the Jose Maria Vargas University. This degree gave me various tools that I apply on a daily basis when teaching people how to control diabetes.


I have completed various courses related to diabetes, such as: Diabetes Education in Patient Management (Joslin Clinic, Boston, USA); and Diabetes education for the management of patients (Colombian Diabetes Association). I am a certified diabetes educator in Insulin Pumps by Medtronic. 


My relationship with diabetes

My relationship with diabetes is very personal. My son was diagnosed with diabetes when he was 4 years old. This was a very difficult moment for my family, and it changed our lives forever. It is not easy to describe the moment when you are told, and the sleepless nights that come after.


Following my son’s diagnosis I devoted myself to learning about diabetes and how to manage it. When I realized how many people where struggling and in need of help, I decided to become a diabetes educator.

My experience

I have been a diabetes educator since 2000, and have devoted to teaching diabetes patients and their families in various hospitals and medical centres in Caracas, Venezuela.

I have also trained patients, doctors and nurses in the use of insulin pumps and glucose continuing monitoring. I have trained more than 150 patients in the use of insulin pumps.


I have very recently moved from Caracas to Madrid, Spain, where I plan to continue with my practice.