Diabetes education plans

I offer various types of diabetes education plans:

Regular Plan

Four sessions to discuss the basics about diabetes, blood glucose monitoring, treatments, and managing acute complications.

Insulin Pump Plan

If you are about to start your treatment with insulin pumps, I offer a training program in its management in 4 sessions. This treatment includes the use of the continuous glucose monitor in case needed. Or if you have already started to use the insulin pump and you have doubts or questions, we can also plan a special session to discuss this.

Special Sessions

If you have doubts and questions about diabetes, or would like a special session to discuss specific topics, such as: sports and diabetes, carbs counting, travelling and diabetes and diabetes and summer camps, we can also plan a special session.


We can plan a session via Skype or, if you are resident in Madrid, in person. Just contact me via email at mlcartaya@gmail.com for more information about the sessions and rates.